My ‘future’ project: A dark dystopian scenario

2020 project: I’m planning a dark dystopian novel titled – SIN:THETICA. Release date: unknown. Getting my head into research and outlining now. Here’s the cover.

What’s coming next

I’m currently writing what will be my 4th release. I’ve decided on a novella, which should surface on Amazon either late October or early November. Here’s the cover for it.

I’ve dreamt up something new

My collection of short stories titled: And a Dark Horse Dreamt of Nightmares, is shaping up really well. There’ll be 7 shorts and I’m currently writing No 6. I plan to make it FREE on Amazon in Kindle format only. Here’s the cover to get an idea of what’s coming.

Audio book in production

An agreement via ACX Audible has been established with a narrator to produce an audio version of Nexilexicon. An early March delivery is scheduled with the obvious additional Audible time to bring it to market. The narrator is American John Carter Aimone and I’m looking forward to working with him on the project.