Waves of inspiration

As I approach 30k words, the plot line for my second novel sees its characters only days from their final port of Macapa, Brazil. So far, I’ve learned a great many things about vessels and sailing, ocean currents and weather, and the geography and economies of a number of countries and islands. Beyond this, they will venture into the Amazon for an encounter which will trigger a series of future events that will make up the remainder of this tale.

What’s been enjoyable once again is the way sudden flashes of inspiration have provided some great plot twists. Things I’d not planned on have now become fundamental fixtures within the framework of the story, and to consider that I could have potentially gone on to complete the story without including them, seems inconceivable to me now.

I look forward to the next stage of the expedition which will bring the story to the halfway mark and link up with the prologue.

Digital dilemma

Towards the end of last year, I was informed the publishing platform I’d chosen to send digital copies of my book to market was closing. That closing date (15th Jan) is looming. With that in mind, I must migrate my content off a number of platforms and reassign it. I will have to sign up for services such as Amazon KDP, Kobo, Google and Barnes & Noble independently. This will create a number of technical issues and problems to overcome that I’m sure will be quite demanding and frustrating at times. I hope to have these migration issues resolved asap and move forward as quickly as this complicated situation will allow.