A Deep Division

22.5k words done and I’m now starting on Chapter 4. I’ve chosen Cape Verde’s Santiago as the expedition’s second stop-over. A pivotal point in the plot, it will see the dynamics aboard shift dramatically and a number of those involved abandon the endeavour. Those remaining will take on stores and head for Macapa, Brazil and the mouth of the Amazon in pursuit of a young Dutchman’s dream. I’ve still to develop the second and third stages of the entire plot and introduce their appropriate characters, but the whole vision for the story is well and truly in place now.

Cape Verde Map


Now at work on Chapter 3 of my second novel. Needing more of a framework to hang my ideas on, so stopping the writing for a spell to decide on key moments of the story. I’m enjoying the subtle threads of darkness which are weaving their way through the plot. The text is not as dense as TJM and the narrative is a completely different approach. It’s no less complex, but it’s definitely going to be a very different animal.