Wonder what mark he’ll give my book?

Recently I was able to track down my secondary school teacher Mr Weston. Much to my delight, we received an invite to meet up with him and his wife. Ann took a photo of us together when I presented him with a copy of my book we’d had printed up just for the occasion. Back in my school days Mr Weston saw my potential when it came to creative writing and it was fantastic to catch up after such a long time!

Nex(t) novel in the making

I’m beginning work on my next novel titled Nexilexicon. It’s a story with a broad scope, from its initial focus on an expedition to the Americas in the 1800s to its eventual present-day conclusion. Again, it will be a thought-provoking piece of dark fiction and probably not as long as TJM in terms of its word count. I’ll drop updates as I go but, for now, here’s the cover for it.