A dark tale gets darker still


Just 1,000 words into chapter nine and I’m enjoying the way the plot and its subplots are moving closer to their respective conclusions. There’s some pretty grim stuff occurring but it’s best I don’t give the game away and ruin the read for anyone. (Visual clue will give a mild idea)

Eight complete, starting nine

With chapter eight written (a pivotal point in the story) I’m now gearing up to tackle the ninth. I plan for thirteen chapters, the last of which was previously written but now requires a major overhaul. I’d set my sights on a 2016 publishing date but with four chapters left to write from scratch and the last to rewrite with just three months of the year remaining, I think a more realistic target is early next year. I’m standing at a word count of 66,000 and the end product will be in excess of 100,000. Then the revision process will need to be done and a final draft produced. But, at this stage, I feel I’ve broken the back of this huge undertaking.