Just my thoughts …

One of the biggest errors any fiction writer can make apparently is to veer away from a solid naming convention when establishing and subsequently referring to characters in their body of work. The reader will become confused, unable to make the association between one reference and another. This has been a golden rule for as long as stupid people have dominated the lives of others on this our fair planet. It’s a theory I simply don’t subscribe to.

If a reader is struggling to keep track of what is transpiring simply by an author referring to a character by either the use of their surname, forename or official title etc then I would suggest that the reader probably has a rather limited capability and therefore might be better off reading something ‘a little less challenging’ shall we say.

In real life we all have names assigned to us from the get-go but throughout our lives we are never referred to as just simply Bob, Thelma or Dipshit and in creating this novel I am trying to build a blend of reality and fiction. Doubtless when it is finished and inevitably it gets reviewed by those whose minds are guided by convention and who are unable to think out of the box then it will be slammed accordingly.

I’d like to take this opportunity in advance to politely state that I don’t give a flying fuck.

Thanks for reading.