My planned delivery method for eReaders

Having done some hefty research into the subject of eBooks and the various formats that are required I have decided to make my book available in customised pdf format only. A bit of digging pointed me in the direction of some great software that rejigs standard pdfs for various devices.

Providing there are no great problems encountered I should be able to offer my book for the following: Kindle 1-5, DX, Paperwhite inc 2 & 3, Pocketbook Basic 2, Kindle Voyage, Nook Simple Touch, Kobo Touch, Glo, Glo HD & Full Screen, Mini, Aura, Aura HD, H2O, H2O Full Screen and Nexus 7 and of course a plain old pdf.

The whole DRM aspect appears to be a waste of time as anyone who wishes to pirate eBooks can get around that in about ten minutes so I’m simply not going to bother with it. And as for the big boys such as Amazon KDP et al I really don’t think it’s worth putting my book into a sea of newly published authors (most of whom moan about the fact that they haven’t sold a single book via them) and also have to wait for quarterly payments from them.

So I will be totally DIY but will run a Paypal account so that anyone buying from me with have total peace of mind.