Audio book in production

An agreement via ACX Audible has been established with a narrator to produce an audio version of Nexilexicon. An early March delivery is scheduled with the obvious additional Audible time to bring it to market. The narrator is American John Carter Aimone and I’m looking forward to working with him on the project.


Ebook deal for one whole month

From 19th Aug to the 18th Sept my debut novel will be just 99p in the UK & reduced in line on other Amazon marketplaces. GET IT CHEAPER WHILE YOU CAN!! … …

Rooted in the occult

I’m into chapter seven of my current WIP, around 49k words. It won’t be long before the story shifts in its timeline and I introduce new characters, taking it along a new path to the ultimate outcome of what started in 1847. At this point, my initial characters are spending time among indigenous tribespeople of the Amazon, to come away with the key to unlock a series of disastrous events in the future. I can’t really say more than that without giving away too much about the story itself.