Exposure & reviews of TJM

Many thanks to Louise Wise for plugging my book release via Book Junkies on Pinterest. Much appreciated!

I’ll add further links to reviews and exposure as and when they happen.

A review by Jessica Kirby for expertcomics.com in Canada, as follows:


Exposure I’ve received in my local newspaper – the Cumberland & Westmorland Herald (published 19/5/2017).




Gearing up to publish

I’ve revised 11 chapters at this point. With just 2 to go, I figure it’ll be done within days but I’ll have to then make those changes to the digital document. I think the last week in April will see the book’s delivery.

15 months and 105,526 words later …

Writing the final sentence of TJM.

Today I wrote the final paragraph of my first novel. I’ve still to revise it for the final draft but, essentially, that’s it. It’s hard to describe how I feel. A mix of many feelings but one thing that cries out to be said is that an amazing woman has supported my efforts 1,000% through the crafting of this work. I love you Ann … infinitely more than 105,526 words could sum up xxxx